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Aaron Howard - Heart on Fire - iTunes

Aaron Howard - Heart on Fire - iTunes

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“I can always tell halfway through a show if it’s resonating with folks or not. It was an easy call tonight. One that made me rethink the way we do concerts going forth.”

Aaron King, King House Concerts

“Sarah loves to sing ‘Let it Go’ and Aaron secretly plays violin.”

Jon Holliday, Little Lizard Productions


Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen Cover)

House That Built Me (Miranda Lambert Cover)

Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen Cover)

House that Built Me (Miranda Lambert Cover)


“I’ve come to realize that I do this for one reason.” Aaron Howard said of his life as a touring songwriter. “I make records. I work. I get on stage, because I want to let people know they’re not alone.” Since the 2014 release of his 5th studio album, Heart on Fire, Aaron has toured extensively sharing his message of hope and connection from stages and living rooms across the US and Europe.

He was a 2014 finalist in the Kerrville New Folk Songwriting contest; and the winner of a national competition to become a “Music Groundbreaker” at HATCHfest. He performed with UK film-composer Philip Sheppard at Sundance; shared the stage with legendary Songwriter and Producer, Patrick Leonard (Madonna, Jewel, Fleetwood Mac); landed a spot on the prestigious radio show, ‘Live from the Divide: A Celebration of the American Songwriter’; a as well as opening slots for Trevor Hall, Shawn Phillips, and Timothy Schmit of the Eagles.

It’s been a long road. Aaron started on street corners and in coffee shops that didn’t pay. It was nine years before he made a living. Continue reading…