It’s been a pretty rough couple of days… I got caught up in the drudgery of the business side of things.  A series of events and conversations had me feeling like I was miles and miles from a place where I could even begin to get my music “out there,” and the  list of things I was trying to keep up with seemed to grow rather than diminish as I busted my ass.  In what has been (to this point) a ten year journey to becoming an artist, this was one of maybe three or four times I was overwhelmed enough to wonder if I might not be up to the task.  After my show this afternoon, I was looking for answers – if you will – by browsing through some old blogs that I started back in a much more turbulent period of my life. I found this at the bottom of my first post.

“I’m thrilled and blessed to do what I do with my life and I’m proud to share this journey.

I hope I can continue to write melodies and words with my heart and nothing else.

I hope I never lose sight of the sweetness of why this began in pursuit of the intoxicating distance, to which I’ve always hoped it will lead.

Thank you for being here.”

In the grand scheme of things, this could not be more accurate when it comes to how I feel about living a life of music.

Writing is still my favorite part of the process, and it’s the one place in my life that I’m open enough that someone might actually get to know me. A rough few days should become a great song.

The fifteen year old kid that got into this, got into it for a love of the art, and now and then I have to remind myself: that’s still what it’s all about. (It really really is)

And you! You are the reason I get to do this.  I am so grateful that you’ve taken a few minutes of your precious life and dedicated them to listening to my songs.

It’s incredible that I get to spend the majority of my waking hours on music… I’m damn lucky to have made it this far.

Thank you.